Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feathered Hair Flowers


Hi! We have been crafting like crazy, and I will be attempting to get all the latest crafts up on here for you :)

I am going to start with what will be our March craft... I just finished the prototype and am very happy with it.

*2 felt circles about 2 inches in diameter
*1 hair clip
*feathers! (I am using some large and some small)
*a center detail (I have buttons and bead strands
*hot glue

First come up with how you want to lay out the feathers... then cut them to the desired length, and use the hot glue (one feather at a time) to apply the first row to the first felt circle. layout the second set (if you have one) and glue. Then take your time choosing your center detail... I eventually went for the bead strand, but would recommend the buttin if you want this to be easy. If you use a button, stick a little hot glue in the center and press it in! If you are using beads, you will want to use just a bit of glue to get a few stuck at a time, and slowly add more glue and beads, being careful to not mash them in... you don't want it to look messy.

Once you have it looking just right, flip it over for the application of the clip. Using more hot glue attach your second felt cirle to the inside of the top of the clip, we will be sandwiching the top between the felt circles. Once the clip is set to the felt... adhere the felt pieces together... then just take a look at it, I had a bright shiny bit of the clip visible and used a little bead of glue to make a bit of my feathers conceal it nicely. Viola! we are done :) Try it on... now make your man take you on a date... because you look fabulous!
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