Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheery Springtime Flower Pots

I was running out of energy with just 2 MOPS meetings left, but REALLY wanted to do this cute activity. So I did a bit of research a week before it was due and found that I could get all my materials locally, thanks to Home Depot :) I got all the 4" pots and the foam brushes and the chalkboard paint. and Its tintable! Rust-Oleum makes this fun tintable chalkboard paint and you can choose from 12 colors :) I ended up with raspberry (shown) a mossy green and periwinkle blue. The instructions reccomend 2 coats with 4 hours of drying time in between, due to MOPS style timing I gave it one coat and said a little prayer :) It turned out great! I did wait the 3 days before taking chalk to it though- I figured I should follow SOME of the directions.
So that is basically it: pots, paint, chalk and flowers! I purchased starters for the flowers and plan on sending them home for the moms to plant, potting soil and carpet don't get along well. Oh, and if you are hoping for a one-stop craft I am sorry to say I had to hit my local craft store for the chalk... but I did find supplies for another craft on sale- making it worth it!
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