Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmasy Decor Blocks

I am quite excited about our next MOPS craft... I am asking the gals to bring 1 3/4" photos for this one... between 7 and 12 photos- lots of opportunity to show off the kids here :) Its a modge-podge craft and very easy! First you need 4 blocks that are 2", a brush for the modge podge, modge podge, and photos (I am also providing Christmasy scrapbook paper for those who forget pics) and a diagram of what letters go where- this helps avoid spelling mistakes. The Words I have come up with are: Joy, Love, Hope, Noel, Give, Born, Wish and Star. And the gals can choose to do as many or as few of the words as they like. If you use all of them there is room for 7 photos or scrapbook papers... if they want more photos they can go with few words.
Once all the important decisions are made I recommend laying out the photos as letters alongside the blocks they want them on so they don't get confused mid-way through. Then its a simple matter of pasting the photos on, then laying modge podge over top. Make sure you let one side dry fairly thoroughly so that each block has a side to rest on while the rest is drying.
And as a special time saving gift to someone who likes the idea.... the letters I used! I printed them from picasa using the 8x10 option. hopefully they will print well for you :) Enjoy, and happy crafting!
Oh! and if the duplicate letter are confusing- I simply offered them as options so that they would all be a little different, I realize that not everyone share my taste and try to offer ways to make small changes when possible :)

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  1. This looks awesome. I'm doing it with my mom's group this week. In case others stumble across this as well, here as the letter sheets I made to give more variety in letters: